114 Series

Kurt Rutkowski and Sheila Kelly in Glasair II RG.  1,000 hrs on DUAL E-MAGs.

The 114 series is our platform for four cylinder Continental and Lycoming engines.

Series 114 Refinements:

  • New sensor magnet mount – New design and manufacturing process for position sensor magnet mount.
  • Firmware – The routine for setting, storing, and loading timing information has been completely rewritten to assist recovery functions following gray power and system reset events.  [This feature was first introduced in firmware version 27 for installation in series 113 ignitions.]
  • Sensor Alignment (self-monitoring) – If the processor detects a position sensor misalignment at power-up, it will block further operation until proper alignment is restored.  The block also activates an LED alert signal.
  • Internal Power Transition – P models will transition to internal power as soon as engine speed permits, at which point the internal alternator becomes the “primary” power sources and the aircraft buss becomes the “back-up”.  Typically,800 rpm is needed to self-support.  By 1400 rpm the ignition is fully transitioned off the aircraft bus.
  • Finned Nose  – Fins have been added to the nose section that (in conjunction with blast tubes) further improve cooling, and permits sealing of the electronics case.
  • Spark Plug Alerts – Circuit board hardware is added to report (via EICAD v4 to be released soon) the ignition coil discharge rate.
    • A rapid discharge rate indicates a spark plug or plug lead is fouled (shorted).
    • A slow discharge rate indicates a spark plug or plug lead is open (broken).
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