E-MAG Installation & Operating Guide - 114 Series

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Troubleshooting Tips version 04

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Service Submission Sheet (not yet posted)
For those wanting us to inspect or repair E-MAG equipment (related-see Check-UP)
These manuals are subject to change without notice. They may or may not be applicable to past, present, or future products.

E-MAG Installation & Operating Guide - 200 Series

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EICAD V4 has combined many of the features of EICAD V3 and Monitor. The initial display you’ll see when V4 is opened is a position dial and configuration settings. The position dial will automatically change (when the engine is running) to a series of bar graphs showing:

  1. RPM
  2. Current firing advance angle.
  3. Internal ignition buss voltage (reads one volt less than input voltage from craft).
  4. Fouled Plug – Open Plug indicators for cylinders 1&2 vs. 3&4. This feature is enabled on Series 114 ignitions only.

There is a wiring guide included (click on “Connection” button).

You will need to click on the appropriate COM port to initiate contact with the ignition (that needs to be powered ON).

The ignition can connect with one program at a time (V4 vs. V3 vs. Monitor) so if switching, close one before opening up the next. V4 combines much of V3 and Monitor and interaction is faster.


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This version of the EICAD download is a beta test version. It has not been fully and thoroughly tested. The documentation is incomplete but it does work.

Monitor (.zip) Version 03 [3/13/08]

Monitor hooks up like EICAD and displays rpm, firing advance angle (target vs. actual, buss volts, and circuit board temp (max recorded temp, current session max temp, and current temp). NEW IN VERSION 3 – a coil charge time indicator can tell (114 series only) you if you have a shorted or open spark plug (or plug lead). Monitor will eventually be bundled with EICAD (above). It will simplify installation if you remove any older versions of Monitor before installing newer ones.

Service Bulletins and Service Notes

E-MAG’s library of service notes starting February of 2007.