Flat Fee Check-up

Flat Fee Check-up

E-MAG’s New Maintenance/Repair Option

E-MAG enjoys a reputation for exceptional customer care and product support – far beyond the official 1 year warranty period.  It’s been an essential ingredient of our success.  Serial numbers now top 5,000 and our earliest units are nearing the ten year mark.  To keep pace and maintain our high-value support traditions, we’re offering a new maintenance/repair package we call the “Flat Fee Check-Up”.   It’s an inexpensive ($135) service package for out-of-warranty ignitions (113 and 114 series).

The Flat Fee Check-Up

  • Easy to understand.
  • Easy to budget.
  • Easy to compare/contrast with magneto (or other competitor) service fees.

What’s Covered?

  • Arrival status – external inspection and live bench check.
  • Tear-down and internal inspection.
  • Replacement of any/all needed parts including labor (circuit board, harness, drive gear, damage/abuse are excluded).
  • Reassemble and live bench check – just like we do with new equipment.
  • Cost –  $135 (plus packaging/shipping).

We want the Flat Fee Check-up to be an obvious great deal for customers – and it is.  Several replacement items, if needed, would each exceed this amount, and shop labor would bill at $75/hr.