Feeding Our Grass-Roots

Assistance for Chapters and Type-Networks


We all marvel at our sport's annual air show extravaganzas, but most would agree that day-to-day experimental aviation is rooted and nourished by the numerous local EAA Chapters, and aircraft type-networks scattered around the country.  They are our grass-roots, where Young Eagles get their start, and where first-time builders find inspiration, confidence, and guidance.  Whenever asked, these groups generously contribute their time, energy, and money ... for the good of the sport.  Wouldn't it be great if on occasion we could turn this around ... and do something to help them?  


Actions Speak Louder . . . 

E-MAG is celebrating its seventh year and serial numbers well over 2000.  To mark the occasion, we've decided to do more than simply thank our E-MAG friends and fans (which we certainly do).  We are expanding a community give-back program we successfully test-flew last year.  We're calling it the "E-MAG Grass-Roots Project".  As the lead-in implies, we want to help "local" aviation groups achieve "their" goals.  And to make sure the assistance is well placed, we're asking E-MAG customers to help us determine 1) where, and 2) how much we send.   


How Does That Work? 

Each and every ignition purchased (direct) between Sept. 19 and Nov. 30, 2011 is eligible for a contribution to the local EAA Chapter or type-network of the customer's choosing*.  E-MAG will send a check in the total amount of: 
Part I: $50 (per ignition) funded at E-MAG's sole expense..
Part II (optional):  E-MAG will partner with customers and match (up to $100 per ignition) any additional (cash) contribution the customer makes as part of their ignition purchase.


How About You?

A set of (two) ignitions will generate anywhere from $100 to $500 for the designated group.  The next question is ...  might this be a fit for you - or someone you know?

  • Planning an ignition upgrade anyway?  This is the perfect time.  

  • Contributing to a group already?  The GRP will leverage (double) your donation.  

  • Be creative - "game the system".

    • Team-up with a neighbor and do both.  He's planning on new ignitions and you'd like to leverage a contribution.   

    • Pay next years dues early, only route it thru the GRP and you'll double the amount.

And we'll be happy to pass-on requests to "earmark" your contribution for Young Eagles, Old Eagles, EAA scholarships or other aviation programs your Chapter underwrites.  


*Eligible Recipients: 

  • EAA - All "local" EAA Chapters 

  • Type-Networks

    • VAF - Vans Air Force

    • LOBO - Lancair Owners and Builders Organization

    • Others - We will consider suggestions for other type-networks or groups. (E-MAG's sole discretion)

Qualifying Orders Must:

1. Be placed direct with E-MAG (817) 444-5310 during the program window - Sept. 19 thru Nov. 30, 2011.  No third-party (catalog/dealer) sales. 

2. Identify the purchase as a "Grass-Roots" order.

3. Select an eligible recipient from the above list (send follow-up email providing the group's e-mail, phone number, and mailing address to

4. Pay for the order in full (including matching funds - if applicable).  



E-MAG makes no representation as to the tax deductibility (if any) of payments made through this program.  E-MAG cannot assist customers with supporting tax documentation or evidence of contribution beyond our normal sales receipt.  (i.e. E-MAG is out of that loop.)


Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Giving Back

The Grass-Roots Project is a way for E-MAG to give something back to the flying community. 


We truly appreciate all the encouragement and support we've received over our first seven years.


The E-MAG Guys   




Cust. Comments


10/13/11 “Thanks – This is a great program . . . one that contributes to the future of experimental and general aviation”.

         Mark E. Santoleri